Eric Finley says: I have been dancing since I was 12 years old having been taught the basics by my Mother who was attending classes. I have always loved dancing of any kind and especially like the challenge and sociability of Scottish Country Dancing. I am a member of the North Ayrshire Branch and have acted as Chairman and Secretary for this Branch, although not at the same time. I have been teaching Scottish Country Dancing since 1984 and have been teaching at Summer School in St Andrews since 2000. I have taught in many places at home in the UK and throughout Europe as well as Australia and Canada. I hope that I can bring my enthusiasm for dancing and the sense that dancing should be fun to all in the class as well as helping people improve their technique. It may take some people a little time to acclimatise to my sense of humour but they usually get their in the end. I love meeting people and hope to have a chat with many in the class over the teaching weekend.