Elaine R. Brunken says: Born in Falkirk, a long time ago now, I moved to Uphall, West Lothian, when I was four. I learned to dance in my mum’s class in a wee hall in Pumpherston, as I happily danced up and down the hall by myself, till I was tall enough to dance with the grown-ups. The accordionist didn’t read music, and just played the few tunes he knew -- ask me about that sometime -- you won’t believe the tune I learned General Stuart’s Reel to!

I have been dancing for more than 50 years, teaching for 40 years, 30 years with my RSCDS certificate, tutoring for 25 years and examining for a few years now.......I really need to get a life! This fabulous hobby has taken me to Australia, back to the UK, France and all over North America. It has introduced me to many wonderful people, some who have become my dearest friends.

I was a PE teacher (Alastair Aitkenhead hired me out of college), focusing on dance, in Ayr for 4 years, prior to my emigration to the USA in 1978. (Yes I am THAT old!). I now work with banking mainframe systems and recently moved to Kansas City, to begin a new job.

I have two adult children. Many of my dancing friends have watched them grow up, and though neither do SCD, they both love ceilidh dancing.

I enjoy a nice dry red wine, a nice cold G and T, a good book, a good sing song, good music, good conversation.......sounds like a dance weekend!