Our fantastic musicians for the event are:

Fiddlesticks and Ivory

Susan Worland Bentley, fiddle
Janet Kurnick, fiddle
David Mostardi, accordion
Lyle Ramshaw, piano, band leader

Kim McGarrity formed the band Fiddlesticks & Ivory in the late 1980s, aiming for a big-band sound in which an accordion complements the fiddles. Lyle Ramshaw took over as band leader after Kim's death in 1998. The full, seven-person F&I plays for dances in the Bay Area, and various subsets have played as far afield as Hawaii, Vancouver, and Philadelphia. Their early recording, "Ghillies on the Golden Gate", is famous particularly for its arrangement of "J. B. Milne", though "Lady Susan Stewart's Reel" and "Miss Ogilvie's Fancy" also have their admirers.